Birds of Owl Farm Braidwood Part I

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We have an abundance of birds living on the property and the two of the most common are the Superb Fairy Wren (male above) and the Red Browed Firetail Finch (male below). The wrens are particularly curious (almost tame) and will investigate crumbs from afternoon tea even as we are still finishing it.
The finches are a little more circumspect despite being in large numbers. They are keener to eat the grass seeds and fly back into the hedgerows en masse. Both birds are beautifully coloured – at least the males are ostentatious. The females are ‘fifty shades of brown’ but have subtle eye and wing markings that are attractive.
These two species often associate together and their songs are quite similar. It’s a joy to have so many native birds living at, and visiting, Owl Farm. We’ll write about parrots and honeyeaters at a later date.

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